What Is Sustainable Fashion and Why It Matters

What Is Sustainable Fashion and Why It Matters


Over the last decade, sustainable fashion has garnered much traction in the public domain. Similar to how people have become more conscious about the food they eat; they’ve also shown a lot of interest in understanding how the apparel they purchase is manufactured in a bid to create a green environment. 


Shopping for new outfits has never been easier than it is today; thanks to the revolutionary industry of ecommerce, you can practically shop for new clothes at the comfort of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your style, a great way to go about it would be buying sustainable clothing. 


Sustainable fashion is a relatively broad subject that touches on many aspects of the fashion industry. In order to fully understand its scope, you’ll have to take into account the menacing problem of fast fashion


Fast fashion is a problem that has negatively impacted the apparel industry; some of its drawbacks include violation of human rights, lack of transparency in the entire supply chain, water pollution, and the use of toxic chemicals among others. 


Sustainable clothing brands always create their apparel in a manner that’s green and friendly throughout the production line. The objective of this is to have a functional system that doesn’t have devastating impacts at any given level.


Definition of Sustainable Fashion

So, what exactly is sustainable fashion? In simple terms, it’s the process of making eco-friendly clothes while taking into account social justice and ecological integrity. It’s also referred to as eco-fashion. It’s always important for consumers to understand how their purchase affects the environment, societies, and the world at large.


Importance of Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion definitely has a lot of advantages; to bring you up to speed, here are just some of the few notable ones. 


Promotes Recycling of Materials

Research shows that approximately 90% of what goes into making attires is new products, with only 10% of it being recycled textiles. One of the main agendas of sustainable fashion is promoting the use of recyclable materials in order to promote a greener environment. Moreover, there’s always a tremendous amount of waste that’s left behind due to fast fashion; thus, eco-fashion serves as a better option since it provides better alternatives to facilitate proper waste management.




Reduces Carbon Footprint

The global fashion industry produces a huge amount of greenhouse gases every year that greatly contributes to global warming. Thankfully, sustainable fashion uses organic products from recycled or natural fabrics that need less energy and minimal amounts of chemical treatment.  






Supports Safer Working Conditions

Fast fashion has definitely failed to appropriately safeguard the well-being of the workers in the industry. A huge number of laborers are normally subjected to various forms of abuse. For this reason, sustainable fashion brands aim at providing health care benefits, fair wages, and good working conditions for workers who’re directly or indirectly involved in the production of clothes. They not only focus on the fashion items they produce but also value the lives of the people producing the products.



Given the tremendous negative effects caused by fast fashion, sustainable fashion serves as a better replacement when it comes to the production of apparel. In fact, consumers nowadays ought to be aware of how every penny they spend impacts the world. A complete shift to eco-fashion will surely be pivotal in winning the war against global warming and social injustices. 




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